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In today's fast-paced world, incorrect and delayed diagnoses plague even the most educated and affluent individuals, leading to wasted time, resources, and even lives.

MyDoctor presents a groundbreaking solution to this widespread issue. Our platform brings together a network of expert doctors across all specialties, ready to assist anyone in need – whether it's a physical ailment or a mental health concern.

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Health Care Solutions


Heart attack is the leading cause of death. Correct and timely diagnosis and intervetion can save many lives. Our mission is to save heart!

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Air pollution and diseases like COVID has made pulmonary care, most sought after service in modern society. We meet this demand through our eminent experts.

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Early and timely intervention, correct treatment and rehabilitation can save many limbs and lives. Saving brain is must to improve the quality of life of people!

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Latest development in Neurosurgery and advanced technology has improved the outcome of brain and spine surgery very much.

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Joint pain is the most common symptom prevalent in population. we are dedicated in managing the bone and joint health of the population.

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Dyspepsis, constipation and abdominal pains are very common among people. Our Gastro experts care for live and other abdominal diseases using most advanced technology.

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How MyDoctor Works

Individuals can reach out to our central helpline or access our AI-powered web application on our website, Through a series of guided queries, either self-administered or assisted by our experts, our AI system swiftly identifies provisional diagnoses and connects patients with the nearest specialist in our network.

From there, doctors can conduct further examinations to confirm diagnoses and devise personalized treatment plans. Our predefined management protocols streamline the process, while our panel of senior doctors provides ongoing supervision and feedback to ensure optimal care.

But our commitment doesn't stop there. Our central team monitors treatments in real-time, tracking progress and outcomes to conduct cutting-edge research aided by AI. This enables us to identify the most effective and cost-efficient treatments for various conditions.

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Have questions? Explore our comprehensive FAQs or reach out for personalized assistance on our WhatsApp at 9311883132.

If you're a doctor interested in joining our initiative, simply click here. We encourage you to enable location services to streamline patient referrals in your area.

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Our Experienced Doctors

MyDoctor is a group of doctors in India practicing in all specialties committed to providing transparent, modern, and cost-effective treatment to patients. Join us in revolutionizing medical care!

Dr P K Jha

Director & Neurosurgeon

Dr S K Goel


Dr M Gupta


Dr Monica Garg


Dr Mukul Jain

Medical Oncologist

Dr Nitin Jain


Dr Nidhi Gupta


Dr Suman Kant Patel


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