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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can it replace a doctor?
No, the My Doctor app is designed to complement medical professionals, providing support and information but not replacing the expertise of qualified doctors.
2. Wouldn't it allow patients to seek cures themselves?
The app encourages proactive health management but emphasizes the importance of consulting doctors for accurate diagnoses and treatments.
3. Wouldn't this app enable any doctor to see patients of all specialties?
The app connects patients with specialized doctors for precise care, promoting collaboration among medical professionals.
4. Wouldn't this create unnecessary panic among patients, especially if the diagnosis is wrong?
The app aims to provide accurate information and reduce uncertainty, enhancing doctor-patient discussions rather than causing panic.
5. Could the knowledge gained by patients work against doctors, leading to testing or ridiculing them?
The app fosters open communication and trust between doctors and patients by providing transparent health insights.
6. Wouldn't this go against other stakeholders in the healthcare industry?
The app is designed to complement existing healthcare systems and stakeholders, creating a collaborative environment for better patient care.
7. Wouldn't this reduce the clinical acumen of a doctor?
The app empowers doctors by providing up-to-date medical knowledge and tools, enhancing their clinical decision-making abilities.
8. Would this increase dependency on the internet and computers for healthcare?
While the app leverages technology, it promotes a balanced approach and encourages collaboration between technology and traditional medical expertise.
9. Would this increase data breaches and threaten personal privacy?
The app prioritizes data security and patient privacy, implementing robust measures to safeguard sensitive information.
10. Would this force patients to visit a specific doctor or hospital?
No, the app provides options for patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare and does not force specific choices.
11. Would this promote a particular brand, be it a doctor, hospital, drug, or medical equipment?
The app focuses on accurate diagnoses and treatment, rather than endorsing specific brands, ensuring unbiased information for patients.
12. Would this limit treatment options, including alternative therapies?
The app aims to provide a comprehensive view of treatment options, both conventional and alternative, promoting informed discussions between doctors and patients.
13. Who would regulate the cost, share, and autonomy of other decisions?
Regulatory bodies and healthcare experts will collaborate to ensure ethical pricing, data sharing protocols, and decision-making processes.

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