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The Power of Expanding Goals

Life Coach Dr P K Jha, advocated setting ambitious goals can be a powerful catalyst for personal and professional growth. The lesson from the narrative involving a sales professional illustrates this concept vividly. By taking a seemingly unattainable goal and working backward to identify what steps would be necessary to achieve it, you can unlock creative solutions and strategies that might otherwise remain undiscovered.

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How It Works

1. Think Bigger: Start by doubling or tripling your goal. For instance, if your aim is to sell Rs. 1,00,000 worth of products, imagine striving for Rs.20,00,000 instead.

2. Break It Down: Ask yourself, "What would I need to do if achieving this higher goal was essential? As if my life would depend on this!" This forces you to think outside the box and come up with innovative ideas.

3. Generate Ideas: Initially, your ideas might seem far-fetched or impractical. However, as you persist, practical and creative solutions will emerge. The sales professional in the story eventually conceived the idea of hosting large presentations to multiple clients simultaneously, among other strategies.

4. Implement and Adapt: Once you have a list of potential strategies, start implementing them. Even if you don't reach the inflated goal, the new approaches can significantly enhance your performance and help you surpass your original target.

Why It Works

Broadens Perspective: By envisioning a much larger goal, you are compelled to think beyond your current limitations and explore new possibilities.

Fosters Creativity: The challenge of meeting an expanded goal stimulates creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

Increases Motivation: The pursuit of a bold, ambitious target can be highly motivating, driving you to put in more effort and explore uncharted territories.

Practical Applications

Personal Development: Whether it’s learning a new skill, improving health, or expanding your network, setting larger goals can lead to unexpected growth.

Professional Goals: In sales, project management, or any career, thinking bigger can reveal more efficient and effective ways to achieve results.

Entrepreneurial Ventures: For entrepreneurs, aiming for higher milestones can help in discovering innovative business models and market strategies.

When to Use This Strategy

Stagnation: When progress towards a goal feels slow or stagnant.

Ambition: When you feel ready to push your boundaries and achieve more.

Creativity Block: When traditional methods and ideas are no longer yielding desired results.


Expanding your goals and adopting a mindset that embraces ambitious targets can transform your approach to problem-solving and achievement. By challenging yourself with higher objectives, you can unlock a wealth of creativity and motivation, ultimately propelling yourself towards success beyond your initial expectations. This method is not about making promises to others but a powerful tool for personal motivation and growth.

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