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About MyDoctor

MyDoctor represents a collective of medical professionals from various specialties across India, dedicated to delivering transparent, contemporary, and cost-effective healthcare solutions to patients.

Our adherence to rigorous protocols and care standards fosters trust between patients and doctors, a cornerstone of successful treatment outcomes. We believe in cultivating a relationship between healthcare providers and patients that extends beyond clinical intervention, characterized by compassion, empathy, and a human-centered approach.

Central to our approach is the establishment of the Poor Patient Fund (PPF), financed through a percentage of each transaction. This fund eliminates financial barriers, ensuring that even the most financially disadvantaged individuals receive optimal care without compromise.

Our utilization of digital medical records and remote patient monitoring empowers physicians to oversee treatment progress comprehensively. Graphical representations of vital indicators such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and consciousness status facilitate timely interventions to prevent or address adverse events. Moreover, these records support real-time medical research, driving continuous improvement in treatment standards.

We facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration through online platforms and video consultations, ensuring efficient decision-making without unnecessary delays. A hierarchical system of care, with senior physicians guiding junior colleagues, not only reduces costs but also enhances treatment outcomes through the sharing of invaluable expertise.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, our proprietary app streamlines coordination across all stages of care, enhancing efficiency and ensuring seamless patient management. We prioritize continuous enhancement through feedback mechanisms from patients, their families, and all stakeholders involved in the care process.

Our commitment to affordability and transparency is reflected in our accessible pricing model and the provision of detailed treatment plans and case summaries online. Patients have real-time access to updates on their condition, treatment specifics, and symptom tracking, enabling them to seek opinions from other healthcare professionals as needed.

Right Diagnosis & Treatment at Right Time

Even in this era of information technology, obtaining the right diagnosis and timely treatment from the right specialist remains a challenge. Our web application evaluates your physical and mental health concerns, providing accurate diagnoses and referring your case to the appropriate doctor in your vicinity. This approach ensures that valuable time, resources, and lives are saved.

Digital Evaluation of Complaints

Our system offers comprehensive evaluations of physical and mental health complaints, leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver accurate assessments.

Health Education & Disease Prevention

We are committed to empowering individuals with the knowledge to understand their health better, promoting education to prevent disease before it starts.

Trustworthy Panel of Doctors

Our panel of medical experts is meticulously selected to provide reliable and professional healthcare advice, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care.


Our Experienced Doctors

Dr P K Jha

Director & Neurosurgeon

Dr S K Goel


Dr M Gupta


Dr Monica Garg


Dr Mukul Jain

Medical Oncologist

Dr Nitin Jain


Dr Nidhi Gupta


Dr Suman Kant Patel


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